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Aaron Wilkinson

Aaron Wilkinson
Aaron Wilkinson

Aaron Wilkinson – A-ron

Born: Pensacola, FL

Instruments: Ratliff F-hole Mandolin, Harmony 1260 Acoustic Guitar, 1960’s Hohner Electric Bass

Born into a musical family, Wilkinson picked up guitar from his father at age ten.  Inspired by everything from the Beatles to Hendrix to heavy metal, he took an early interest in songwriting, and lead a succession of original bands as a youngster in Pensacola, FL.  A passing interest in the electric bass became a full time profession when he moved to New Orleans at age 22 and co-founded the band idletime, which went on to sign with Louisiana Red Hot Records.

Several years of touring and work as a bassist with New Orleans artists, including Theresa Andersson and Irene Sage, led Wilkinson to his continuing role as bassist for Eric Lindell and Company, whose major label debut, Change in the Weather, was released on Alligator Records in 2006.

Marooned in San Francisco in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Wilkinson began swapping songs with Chirs Mulé, an old friend and the guitarist for the Eric Lindell Band.  Reflecting a blossoming interest in classic country music and a firm foundation in delta blues, the songs provided an ideal opportunity for Wilkinson to showcase his developing skills as a mandolin player and vocalist, as well as a songwriter.  Within weeks the two had a weekly gig at San Francisco’s Boom Boom Room, and the Honey Island Swamp Band was born.

Performance Credits:

  • Eric Lindell & Company
  • Papa Mali
  • Irene Sage Band
  • Theresa Andersson Group
  • idletime
  • Lynn Drury Band


  • Honey Island Swamp Band, Good To You, 2010
  • Honey Island Swamp Band, Wishing Well, 2009
  • Eric Lindell, Low on Cash, Rich in Love, 2008
  • Honey Island Swamp Band, Honey Island Swamp Band, 2007
  • Eric Lindell, Change in the Weather, 2006
  • Eric Lindell, Tragic Magic, 2005
  • Irene Sage, Soul to Soul, 2004
  • idletime, Time Stops, 2000

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