Jam In The Van – The Mint Sessions

Sure, it sounded like a crazy idea at first….cramming the band into a van to record and film impromptu live performances. But of course, we’re from New Orleans….we’re up for anything.  And we were pleasantly surprised to see how AWESOME the end results were!  Not to mention, the fellas that started and run JAM IN THE VAN are as cool as can be, and made us feel welcome in their “venue on wheels”.

Click on the following song titles for each of the videos from the performance, featuring several tunes that will be appearing on the upcoming HISB album…

“Prodigal Son”

“Cast the First Stone”

“Change My Ways”

“One Shot”


And click here to go to the JAM IN THE VAN website, to see what they’re all about, and what they’re up to next…as well as to check out all the other wonderful sessions they have done with our fellow traveling musicians!